Top Ten Christmas Wishlist

As some of you know, the family and I are heading to over to New Zealand for Christmas this year. We are leaving next weekend so for the past week have been having Christmas dinners and lunches with the rellies here before we go. Facebook followers will know I have been given some cool cake/decorating books and tools. So although I should have done this at the beginning of the month (I’ll remember for next year!), I’ve decided to do a Top 10 Christmas Wishlist for cake decorators. This list includes all the basiscs for baking and decorating in your own kitchen. Some items are necessary other not so, but I haven’t included anything that is on my more ‘I want, I want’ list…I’ll save that for next years wishlist. The Top 10 basics are:

1. Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer

I would love the purple ‘Grape’ one, my all time favourite colour – even if it doesn’t match my kitchen.


Kitchenaid artisan stand mixer

220 volt bench top mixer from Kitchen Aid

2. Mats.

The Mat: I have this and I love it. The best way to roll, lift and cover a cake in fondant. I use it for every cake I cover. THE MAT is 30″ X 30″ and will cover up to a 20” cake (4” high) with EASE using this tool and method. EVERYONE from beginner to seasoned decorator will turn our professional results the first time and every time.

The Mat

THE ONLY FOOD SAFE VINYL MAT AVAILABLE – This patent pending 2-mat system is a revolutionary way to roll out and cover cakes with fondant. Use this Food Safe tool and our method to get professional results instantly!

Silicone fondant mat:  for cutting and keeping small amounts of fondant from drying out as you work.

Ateco fondant silicone mat

Comes in a variety of sizes for cutting and keeping fondant decals from drying while decorating.

Silpat: bakers mat for non-stick baking. Since baking cookies this has been on my wishlist. SILPAT® is the original non-stick baking mat. Products never need greasing and replace parchment paper.


Silpat Mat

SILPAT® products are a must-have for all bakers.
SILPAT® products are great for working with sticky materials such as gooey batter, taffy, caramel, doughs and anything your imagination allows.

3. Cake Leveler.

Depending on what you prefer, there are single levelers that will cut tops and single layers, or multi-cut systems that will slice three layers at a time!



This multi-slice leveler would make cake slicing a breeze.

Wilton cake leveler

Under $10 and sold in Spotlight! I like the single cut leveler as I don’t always need to cut layers. Sometimes I just level the top of my cake.

4. Pasta Machine.

So handy for rolling fondant evenly when cutting flowers and other small accents. Even great for making bow and tassles.


pasta machine

No need to pay big bucks for a machine that you roll fondant through, but ever so handy!

5. Alphabet cutters.

It doesn’t matter what font or style they are, having a basic set of letters is always a must have for decorating cakes, cupcakes or cookies.


alphabet cutters

From metal cutters to plastic clikstix, having at least one set of alphabet cutters should be any decorators kitchen.

6. Tools.

A good set of tools is definately a must have, but make sure you have a good set of different sized balling tools.


fondant tool set

A must for any kind of sugarcraft or decorating.

balling tool set

Not necessary to have a full set, but having various sizes makes decorating easier.

7. Turn Table.

A sturdy turntable that sits well on the bench top is only going to make your decorating easier.



Any turntqable will work. One tilts is a bonus…why not ask Santa this Christmas.

8. Extruder Gun.

There are many different types available and all at varied costs. Great for edging, bows, ropes, clothing details and text the extruder gun can be used for an endless number of details.


This is the one I have and it comes with 19 different extruders or ‘tops’ to create a variety of shaped lengths of fondant.

9. Ribbon Cutter.

With a number of different types avail able, find one that suits your needs. Some cutters will simply cut straight, even strips of fondant while other cutters come with different attachment to cut frilled ribbon and fancy edges as well as straight strips.

Ribbon Cutter

This is a Wilton cutter that will cut a variety of ribbons, not just straight.

10. The Book.

Many poeple have their favourite book. While I have done a blog on my book wishlist, the need for a basic bible that will show you ‘How To’ is a must for any kitchen. Here are a couple of titles to start you off.

The Complete Photographic Guide to Cake Decorating

I have this, love it. Well set out with lots of clear instructions and good photos.

The Contemporary Cake Decorator's Bible

I don’t have this but with creative techniques, fresh inspiration and stylish designs, I wouldn’t mind if it was in my stocking this year.

The Cake Decorating Bible

Another decorator’s Bible, but being relatively new should have some great tips and tricks.


Hopefuly there is something that you can still ask Santa to put in your stocking for being ever so good this year. Here’s wishing you and your families a wonderful Christmas and festive Season with all the best of wishes for a wonderful 2013.  Sam @ Coloured Sugar x

~ Merry Christmas~

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