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I’m going to be totally honest straight from the get go…these images and creations are not mine. There’s nothing worse than leading people to believe that something is yours, when in fact it is not. The gorgeous creations that I am going to share with you this week are from all over the web; they are the creations of other blogger’s and businesses that have the same creative love of decorating that we do. I love looking through blogs, images and tutorials learning how to create a certain recipe, decoration or shaped cookie, so I thought that I would share some of my favourite Christmas ones with you to bounce into the Festive Season…& I hope you like them as much as I do.


Christmas Tree Cake: I Am Baker


i am baker

All the rage at the moment, this ruffle-iced cake simply uses a change of colour to create a modern, funky Christmas cake.

Christmas Tree Cake Pops: Bubble & Sweet


christmas tree cake pop

Double ended cake pops (an extra bite, yum!) in pink and green make cute Christmas trees in pots.

Christmas Cakes: The Pink Whisk


Stars and Sparkle

Elegant blue and white star Christmas cake.
This blog has a number of cake decorating ideas and step-by-step cake baking tips for fruit cake.

Having A Ball Christmas Cupcakes: Something For Cake


Christmas Cupcakes

A fun way to bring Christmas joy to the table for kids big and small.



It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Sweet Sugarbelle


sweetsugarbelle christmas

You know I love this cookie blog; I’ve introduced you before. There are great tips for icing and cookie baking here, and she has sssooooo many Christmas cookies; these aren’t the only ones.

Ornament Cookies: Cake Walk


Christmas Ornaments

The detail in the piping of these cookies – Amazing! I couldn’t not share them.

Mr Melty: The Decorated Cookie

Like anyhting that works well or is a great idea, these Melyed Snowmen cookies have been done by many in ver different ways. The Decorated Cookie were the original bakers/designers of this concept so I have shared their blog with you. I loved the idea so much that I have also shown you another blog that does these cookies. The blog from Jen Chiappisi at Baking Decorating shows you step-by-step how to bake, create and decorate her cookies (and her cookies look more melted to me) that look less animated and more like a ‘real’ snowman.

Mr Melty the Snowman

A quirky, fun idea for a Christmas cookie – perfect for a hot Australian take on a white Christmas.

Melted Snowmen: Baking Decorating


Melted Snowman

By pouring the royal icing over the fondant head when decorating, the snowmen look more melted and realistic. These are the coolest cookies!


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