Valentine’s Lovecakes

Baking was something that I always did with my mum as a kid. Something that, now I have a daughter I share with her. So that she could do most of the ‘cooking’ herself (she was three and a half) and follow the instructions/pictures, I let her choose a packet cake mix. I couldn’t help myself, being a packet cake – I had to add extra ingredients to make them just that bit better.


These delicious little lemon cupcakes were made for daddy for Valentine’s day, this year. We made them for after dinner; when daddy came home from work. Chloé called them ‘lovecakes’ – not cupcakes.

Topped with heart-shaped sprinkles and coconut, they were baked in lemon-yellow cupcake cases and iced with vanilla frosting.

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  1. Lyn says:

    Oh how cute:) They look very yummy!


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