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Well we’ve arrived safe and sound in NZ for Christmas. On our 7hr drive I thought how this week I would’ve liked to have made some Christmas themed cake pops for the blog and while I’m slightly disappointed (surely I could’ve made cake pops in the car! There was plenty of time…) I do have something that’s pretty cool to share in cake-pop absence. My husband’s cousin – yep the kiwi cuzzie – has a Cricut Cake …never heard of such thing, then check this out.


Cricut Cake is an easy-to-use, personal, electronic blade-cutter that is able to precisely cut mediums such as modelling paste, ready to roll fondant, frosting sheets, cookie dough and much more. It eliminates the need to source endless amounts of cookie cutters (in different sizes), stencils and trying to hand cut printed out images.  The machine consists of a keypad, stainless steel cutting blade and a themed cartridge. There are many cartridges you can purchase and each cartridge comes with an averge of 30-50 shapes, texts, numbers and licenced images saved onto it, allowing you to produce numerous amounts of cut shapes and decals to theme and decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies etc.

There are hundreds of Cricut Cartridges available; below are the shapes and patterns available in the “Cake Basics” Cartridge (included with your initial Cricut Cake Machine):


Cricut Basics Cartridge

This includes borders, shapes, fonts/text and numbers

Cricut Cartridges

Other cartridges…there are sssoooo many to choose from!

happily ever after cartridge

Disney even do licenced cartridges. This is the “Happily Ever After” cartridge. TinkerBelle, Cars, Pooh, Princesses, Mickey Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, almost every Disney character is available.

Product Features include:

  • Up to 12” x 24” cutting capability
  • Uses all existing Cricut cartridges (previously used for scrapbooking) as well as new Cricut Cake cartridges!
  • New food-safe mats, tools and accessories
  • Specifically designed to cut edible material, including modelling paste, ready to roll fondant, frosting sheets and much more
  • All-new stainless steel roller
  • Stainless steel cutting blade
  • All-new blade housing unit, made shorter for better cutting
  • New Cricut Cake blade housing protector
  • Elegant, durable stainless steel dials and trim
  • New stainless steel carriage
  • New solid-coloured cover and top
  • New kitchen-inspired colours
  • All food contact surfaces made of food-safe material
  • New transparent, full silicone keypad cover to protect screen and buttons
  • New protective silicone cartridge skirt and port cover to prevent mess


Cricut Cake Tool Kit

Cricut Cake has been specially designed with food-safe materials and other features to serve cake decorating needs. It features food-safe tools and other optional accessories. I haven’t looked into where to actually purchase one in Australia (or what the extra tools/cartridges cost), so if you do, feel free to comment below. There does seem to be a bit of ‘trial and error’ fiddling in the beginning set up stages to get it just right (check out this You Tube video) and it does have issues with pulling or sticking to the fondant, but I’m sure once you get the hang of it it would be an irreplaceable tool for decorating. I’m so very tempted, but the $200-$300 price tag along with the amount I would actually use it means it’s a no …for now. It does come in a mini version, so I am told.

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