Storing Sprinkles

I opened a multi-pack of sprinkles when decorating some cake pops the other weekend. There were 5 colours in separate packets all in the one box, with each plastic packet being like a long tube or finger of sprinkles. Once you open these it’s very hard to seal them back up again, without having to put them into a container. Then, you have to find a container for each colour or packet and have the space to put all that in your cupboard.


Cleaning out some of my art stuff I came across some containers that I had originally bought for storing beads…they were perfect for my sprinkles!!

Bead Containers

I’ve even managed to organise them into certain types of sprinkles


Five shallow containers that screwed together and stacked on top of each other… small enough for the sprinkles, tidy, clear and easy to display what I have and space-saving all at the same time. You can buy them from art supply stores, Spotlight, Bargain stores and Lincraft. Not a huge blog, but handy….

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