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Edible Images are digital photos, patterns or drawings printed with edible inks onto edible paper to place on cakes, cookies and even chocolates. Many online shops and cake specialty stores sell pre-printed patterned papers that you can cut yourself (with a knife or shaped cutters). These can come as single sheets or as a themed package where multiple pages come in a variety of colours and patterns, that either match or contrast each other – which makes decorating so easy.

summer sheets package

Themed pattern pack in Summer colours


aqua design pack

One very simple design idea for using the patterned packs

Personalising papers is simple too. You can use everything from digital images, drawings (kids drawings look great) and photos to get edible pages specially printed. Pages come from cupcake topper size to A3, so as you can imagine ideas are almost endless. Have photos, drawings, monograms, patterns etc printed to suit your purpose, or buy pre-made pages to add colour and pattern to your decorating with ease. I have even seen ebay stores that sell pre-printed cupcake topper edible discs of popular characters and wedding style monograms.

cupcake monogram

An example of a cupcake sized monogram topper perfect for engagements and weddings

Hootablell edible toppers

I found these on an ebay store

Charlie & Lola Biscuits

I made this sheet up to print for cookies


I found this You Tube tutorial to show you how easy they are used here.

DVD cake

The dvd’s and disc are edible prints folded over fondant

edible dvds

Realistic covers with very little effort.

I made this cake using prints of DVD covers for a boys 21st. Trying to paint the covers would not have been anywhere near as effective and although the quality of this paper wasn’t the best that I have used (it cracked really easily, it may not have been kept airtight) – it did the job. I downloaded the covers I needed, arranged the images into a single document and took the file to my local cake decorating shop (www.sugarlandcaketoppers.com.au) where they printed it onto¬†an edible page with edible inks.

dvd covers

This is the document I took in to be printed.

I suggest that you use an edge or off cut to practice with first, as it depends on the quality of the paper as to how easy it is to use. Happy decorating!

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