About Me

Well, like most girls I started baking with my mum and nana at an early age. Everything from cookies and slices to cakes and pies. While I never saw baking as a career path, it has been pretty good for my sweet tooth – ok teeth..

I am a school teacher that has taught Visual Art for over twelve years, not a baker, chef or expert cake maker – this for me is a hobby, and has just recently turned into an obsession (this cake decorating stuff is ssooooo addictive – it really is!) I only started working with fondant and getting right into the decorating stuff 6 years ago; after I had my kids actually. You know, typical mum story….creating the biggest, coolest cake you can for your precious child. Well, that’s what I tried and I haven’t stopped since, trying each time to get better and better; now I’m addicted and doing it for every friend, relative and colleague that wants or needs a cake. And, to be honest, I’m loving it.

I read books, watch you tube tutorials and change how I do things to make the next cake better than I made the last. There’s no right or wrong way, just ‘your’ way – or sometimes ‘better ways’ of doing things. This blog is to share my cakes, cookies, ideas, tips and tricks along with the stores and suppliers in the Brisbane area for mums and amateurs like me who want to give this a go. I hope you enjoy my journey with coloured sugar and happy baking:)

Kahlua-Chocolate Whipped Frosting

Filling a cake is an important part of the cake taste/design process. The type of filling totally depends on taste, budget and how decedent you want to…

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Corona Cookies (Father’s Day)

I thought that I would share my cool Father’s Day cookies with you –…

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Cinderella Party

Themed buffet or candy tables are quite an eye catching centre piece. From baby…

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Sesame Street Party

Where have the last two years gone?!…I know it’s said a lot but…

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Gumball Machine Cookies

While I have featured cookies before in the ‘Hoot & Hootabelle Party’…

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Mother’s Day Bouquet…of Cupcakes!

Mother’s Day is next Sunday. What a better way to surprise mum than with a lovely bouquet of flowers…that are edible! Visiting mum for morning or afternoon…

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Easter Bunny Pops

Easter… A time for holidays, family and over indulging – especially on chocolate. If you’re a Facebook follower you would have seen that I decided…

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