Cake Pop – Flop

Cake Pop Tin

I was so excited when I got this…

I attempted cake pops for the first time last month. I was rather excited as I had been given cake pop tin as a gift. It seemed to be a better, easier way than making cakes, crumbling them up and remixing them to roll the little balls. All I needed to do was pour the batter into the tin and they would come out in the perfect ball shape. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple…and the shape wasn’t as perfect as I’d expected.

I pulled the tin out of the box, and for the first time in my life read the instructions that came with it – I never read instructions, for anything.  They indicated that I should buy a packet cake mix and an instant  pudding mix, combine them for a denser cake but confused me in their ‘swap this and add that’ instructions for preparing the batter.  I fumbled through it, making it up along the way with an extra egg here and a little more milk there, and had enough mixture to fill the tin – three times!!

The cooking process was pretty crazy too and in the end I was thankful to have so much mixture, just to test the cooking time. Again, the instructions said to cook for around 35 mins. So, for the first batch I did and they were a little over cooked. The cake had spewed out through the holes in the top and the perfect little ball I was hoping for was more like a tear-drop. Testing the cooking time, I baked the second batch for 22mins; still not quite happy, I got it right with the third batch at 18mins. Pretty much, half the time I was instructed to cook them for!

Out they pop

The mixture oozed out from every hole in the top of the tin and made the biggest mess in the oven. I had to remove the little ‘hats’ with a spatula or egg-flip once they had cooled in the tin.


Tear-drop Shape

I think having the Instant Pudding in the mixture made them too heavy to rise and they came out in this tear-drop shape.

After all that fumbling, I used Cadbury chocolate melts to dip them as I wasn’t going to muck around with the coloured candy melts made especially for cake pops. They still tasted good.

Chopcolate Pops

White and Milk Chocolate pops with Pink and Green decorations

When I make cake pops again in a week or two, I’m going to try baking them without any changes to the recipe….and the coloured candy melts. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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3 Responses to "Cake Pop – Flop"

  1. Lyn says:

    They still look prettty yum! Can’t wait to see the results from the next batch 🙂

  2. Trudi says:

    I just used my tried and true simple cake recipe and cooked them like I do cupcakes.
    I found that the Cadbury chocolate set to hard, but warmed Betty Crocker Frosting worked well.

    • Sam says:

      Thanks Trudi. I’ve made cake-pops on four more occasions since and used a cupcake recipe – you’re right, they were perfect. Keep an eye out for more Pop-posts soon.


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